Why I started a wig company?

I have always loved hair. I first learned how to cornrow at 8 while playing my Cabbage Patch Kid, named 'Renee'. I was obsessed with doing my 90+ barbies hair. Cutting it, curling it, I just loved hair. My grammy used to make me scratch her scalp and braid her hair (I wish I could do her hair every day). I didn't choose a career in hair, why??? I don't have the answer, but ever since my hair fell out in 2016, I needed some answers and Wigs were it!

I started out with weaves (yes dolls we have bundles to - Home of the HD Lace) and have been wearing them for over 10 years. I've had almost ever weave style, pixie, bob, leave out, full sew-in, long, curly, kinky, straight... Now I all I need are some finger waves LOL.

I decided to make wigs once I tried my first frontal. It was a nightmare... The style was cute but was not a sustainable style. And I had a tonsillectomy so I was in so much pain. Home and sick, all I could think about was who is going to fix this frontal for me. I found this stylist on the gram and went to her. Long story short, she hooked me up and gave me an industry secret, Got 2B Glue. Tried that and it worked for like 3 days, then clumped up the lace. Fast forward, I get a lace closure and it was glued down. 7 days later my scalp was burning, and the hair was pulling back. I used alcohol to remove the glue only to find blisters on my forehead. Apparently, I am allergic to wig glue...Okay fine. So now what do I do? Start wearing wigs boo. It was trial and error. No one sold lace my complexion (I'm super light). Everything was brown lace. The only thing that looked decent was a silk closure, so I stuck with those and everyone loves them!

I stopped getting sew-ins for monetary reasons and started making my own full units and u-parts. People loved it! so I said, why not help other people out, who want a different hairstyle while protecting their damaged or healthy hair. That's where I felt the need was. My goal is to provide a head-turning hairstyle for you. To make you feel like you are walking down a runway with fly, sexy hair!

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