Oh Hair Naw!!!

It felt like a living nightmare. One day I have a full head of natural 3c/4a hair, that’s past my shoulders and the next day I literally have limp thin super straight strands.

I was mortified.  For the past 3 years I have been nurturing my hair with all types of products. I used Alterna, Jane Carter, Frederic Fekkai, Shea Moisture and a few natural products (rosemary, cinnamon, olive oil). My aunt Jenny has this great natural hair and body line called Afi Beauty – it helped grow my edges back.  My hair regimen was on point. I got trims frequently, pretty much every 6 weeks. I wouldn’t put too much heat on it and never without heat protectant (Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx). I always conditioned and then every few months would do a deep conditioning. Although I must admit that I started deep conditioning more frequently within the last 5 months. I was also using a lot of wigs (I made myself) and a lot of weaves during this time. I was even taking prenatal vitamins. I was so proud of myself. My hair had body and it was the longest it’s ever been.

Now here comes the fun part. After a couple of months with a u part wig, I finally get my hair blow-dried out. I told the lady please leave me with somebody and she acknowledged my request, or so I thought. But oh no, this lady straightened the life out of my hair. I’m talking looking like I just got a fresh relaxer type of straightening. Now I don’t know what type of hair dryers they got out now, but that drier was like an iron. When she was done the lady had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to flat iron my hair. No ma’am, the hair is super straight already. On top of that, I asked her to pin curl my hair, why did she roll up my ends and made it into a makeshift bob? I just couldn’t wait to leave.

Got home my hair was so limp I almost cried. You could see through the ends of my hair and it was horrible. I tried to wear it out but it was so thin I was embarrassed. A week later I decided to wash my hair so I could put a wig on. I kid you not; my hair was coming out of my head in clumps. My chest felt like I was on a roller-coaster. I mean tennis balls and they were long strands so that meant my hair is falling out… or so I thought. I mean it wouldn’t stop falling out. Every time I combed it, so much hair would come out. I checked for a bald spot because I swore I pulled a patch of hair out. No bald spot but my curls were GONE! I mean I have 3a hair and my hair always shrunk 50% after a wash. I didn’t even need to use a comb to detangle my hair, that’s how stringy it became. My ends looked horrible. My hair is so damaged after one visit to the hair salon. I am still emotionally scared.

This is week 4 and I am washing my hair once a week, using Alterna hair care products for repair. I am also using ‘It’s a 10’ deep keratin conditioner. I am not putting any heat on it for a few months. I’m also going to wear more units and maybe some u-parts as long as the front of my hair doesn’t fall out too. I really like Jane Carter’s scalp and hair serums.  But I will switch my product up every couple of months. I am realizing that I have to cut my hair because it’s so damaged, but I am afraid to. I’ll let you know what happens. But my journey has just begun. Wish me luck!